Aunt Yurika (ゆりか yurika) is the aunt/guardian of Utena Tenjou who raised her after her parents' death and tries to take care of her right. She introduces her coworker, Wakaouji Aoi, to Utena. Utena mistakes him for her prince, and is hurt upon discovering her aunt has a relationship with him. When Utena realizes he is not her prince, she heads out to Ohtori Academy.

Personality Edit

Yurika is deeply caring of Utena as she wants the best for her. She is also involved in her work, even traveling to Amsterdam for a big project. She is romantically involved with coworker Wakaouji Aoi. Utena walks in on them kissing and she is hurt. Overall, Yurika is a caring and loving guardian to Utena.

Trivia Edit

- Yurika only appears in the manga, but she is never mentioned in the anime or movie.