Gender Jiu~
Blood type Jiu~
Rose color Jiu?
Birthday Jiu~
Zodiac sig Jiu?

Chu-Chu is a monkey in Revolutionary Girl Utena that serves as comic relief. 


Chu-Chu's origin is not delved into, except for the fact that he is Anthy Himemiya’s friend.

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Chu-Chu is funny and sweet, and at the same time, caring. He is very small and looks like a mouse. He wears an earring in his left ear and and wears a tie that is exactly the same as Anthy's, and other girls at Ohtori. 


Before Utena and Anthy get to know each other, Chu-Chu is considered Anthy's only friend. He is her confidant and attempts to serve as her protector from Saionji, as he has an immense dislike for the student council member. Chu-Chu cares much for  Anthy, and immediately takes a liking to Utena as he realizes she is there to protect Anthy as well. In the last episode Chu-Chu leaves his tie on Akio Ohtori’s desk, just as Anthy leaves her glasses. Chu-Chu leaves with Anthy to assist her in finding Utena.  He makes a cameo appearance in the movie in F-ko's first scandalous tape, in a tiny scene where he has to deal with Nanami (in her cow form).