Souji Mikage
Gender Male
Blood type AB
Rose color Black
Birthday November 30, 1964 (Age 33)
Zodiac sig  Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon
Voice actor  Midorikawa Hikaru

Duel Song

Watashi Kuusou Seimeitai (I am an Imaginary Living Body)

Souji Mikage (御影宗治 Mikage Souji) is the pink-haired head of the popular Mikage Seminar at Ohtori Academy and the principal antagonist of the Black Rose Arc.


Originally known as Professor Nemuro, he was considered a computer-like genius who did not experience human emotions. One day, he is introduced to Tokiko Chida whose principal project was to find a way to grant her fatally ill younger brother, Mamiya Chida, eternity. At this point, Nemuro first begins to notice relationships and actually desires them for himself. Nemuro develops feelings for Tokiko and Mamiya. He devotes himself to Tokiko's project, even though Mamiya himself clearly does not wish for an extended lifetime. At some point, the building where the project development took place was on fire. Mamiya was initially thought to be the instigator of the incident, but it was really Nemuro who set it on fire.

Black Rose ArcEdit

Many years have passed ever since the research building was burned to the ground. In the present, that particular building is now rebuilt with 'Nemuro Memorial Hall' as its new name. Nemuro, not having aged for all these years, now renames himself as Souji Mikage. Souji has one purpose -- he attempts to turn Mamiya Chida into the Rose Bride as to ensure Mamiya's eternity in the Black Rose Arc. To do so, Souji lures students who experience deep feelings of jealousy and anxiety into his seminar and uses those emotions to turn them into Black Rose duelists that aim to kill the current Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya. These particular duelists wear rings with a black rose.

Eventually, Souji is challenged by Utena Tenjou to a duel after she finds out that he has been manipulating Otori's students to become Black Rose duelists. After a heated battle, Souji loses to Utena.

It is then revealed that Mamiya was already dead when Nemuro set the research building on fire. Souji hasn't aged for all these years due to the fact that he was living in his memories. Souji then realizes that he is being used as a puppet and remembers the true face of Mamiya. Souji's whereabouts after his battle with Utena are unknown.